Autotrol 255/760
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Product Description

The Autotrol 255 water softener is a demand regenerated softener meaning it measures the quantity of water used and only regenerates when necessary.  This provides substantial water and salt savings versus a time clock regenerated water softener.  This water softener utilizes the popular and very reliable Autotrol 255 valve and the Logix 760 digital controller.  Autotrol is manufactured by GE Water & Process Technologies.
255/760 LOGIX Valve System Features:
Electronic Meter Control (No Gears -No Mechanical Drives)
Digital Display * In service display will toggle between time of day and gallons
28 Day Variable Reserve (For Greater Efficiency) - learns your water usage;
  Calender Override ;Customer lockout.

How the Autotrol Water Softener Works

Calcium and Magnesium compounds make water hard. The resin used inside the Autotrol 255 water softener is attracted to both calcium and magnesium containing compounds. When calcium or magnesium contact a bead of water softener resin, it adheres to the resin and is trapped. In exchange for trapping the hardness compound, the resin releases a sodium particle. Eventually the resin becomes saturated with hardness particles. At this point the water softener rinses the resin with very salty water called brine. The resin releases the hardness particles which are flushed to the drain and are recharged with sodium from the brine. The resin is now ready to trap more calcium and magnesium.
Manufacture: Autotrol Water Softener
Model:             255/760
Includes Installation Kit:
256 Bypass w/o adapter.
3/4 Copper Bypass Adapter.
Brine Tank Black.
Brine Valves
1/2"x1/2" HB Polypro Elbow.
*Please Specify York size or we will automatically send 3/4"
Assembly required
255/760 Standard Features (All Units):

Full 3/4 Flow Throughout System
Flow Rates Up To 15 GPM
Only two moving parts in the water stream
Easy to program
Includes Brine Well and Safety Brine Valve Assembly
Economy Priced with Premium Features
NOVRAM Memory with Super Capacitor Backup assures all critical information      
  is stored, even during power outages
12 Volt UL/CSA Electrical System with 12 Cord (No Danger of Electrical Shock)
Upper Distributor Prevents Loss of Resin to Service or Drain
Warranty - 10 Years on Resin Tank, Brine Tank, 5 Years on Electronics, Valves
   and All Other Parts.  
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Auto 255/760
valvula 255
255 bypass
255 copper adapter
brine valves
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