Autotrol 255/764 Twin Tank
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Product Description

    * Multi-Tank controller for any configuration
    * Softener and filter control
    * Twin alternating, twin parallel, single tank remote regeneration start and multi single tank lockout    
    * Reliable and easy 3-step program control
    * Fully programmable or manual operation
    * Simple piping installation flow meter on each valve
    * Automatic capacity calculation

How the Autotrol Water Softener Works

Water Softening Process
Hard water enters the water softener system. As it passes through the resin inside the tank, the hard water minerals are attracted to the resin and the water is softened to to service the home.

Regeneration Process
When the resin becomes saturated with hard water minerals, the water softener system goes automatically into regeneration. This is the process that frees the resin of hard water minerals, making it ready to soften the water again. Brine water is drawn into the tank and rinses the hard water minerals off the resin and down the drain.
Once the resin is free of hard water minerals, soft water rinses the remaining brine water out of the system leaving the system ready for service.

Twin-Tank Advantage
A twin-tank system assures that there is always soft water available. The water softener system automatically
switches the flow to the fresh second tank while the first tank is regenerating. Thus, the system always delivers soft water without interruption.
Manufacture: Autotrol Twin Alternating Water Softeners
Model:             255/764  "Double Capacity"
Includes Installation Kit:
2 each 265 Bypass w/o adapter.
2 each 3/4" Copper Bypass Adapter.
2 each 3/4"FX1/2" HB Polypro Elbow.
Brine Tank Black.
Brine Valves
Assembly required
Warranty - 10 Years on Resin Tank, Brine Tank, 5 Years on Electronics, Valves
   and All Other Parts.  
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255 copper adapter
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